So about this time last year my home was invaded-by stink bugs. It was an awful experience, I had a full blown stink bug infestation. I was pretty miserable, the bugs stunk horribly when killed, or even just handled. I probably had a thousand inside my home at one time, all alive. No matter how many I killed and put outside, it always seemed like there were more everywhere I looked. I googled it and found that they were not native to North American, originally they were form Asia, where they were a major crop pest. Even though they were a pest in Asia, there existed a wasp there which attacked and killed the stink bugs, a wasp that did not exist in North America! S so they did not have a single natural predator here. Not one! This was bad news because it meant their numbers would just keep increasing, unless I fought back.

The first thing I needed to do is figured out how, and why, they were getting inside my home. It turns out that the stink bugs wanted a place to hibernate during the winter, they don't like the cold at all. This meant that they could live for several years! My house was, sadly, a great target for them to make their new homes over the winter. The evil little bugs could sense heat, so when the sun warmed the side of my house on a cool fall day that all flocked to it, and stayed on the outside wall throughout the day. As the day grew colder the heat begin to disappear, but my house had a few cracks in the siding, which emitted heat from inside my house, the bugs used their heat sensors to find those cracks and crawl up into them.  That was how they were getting inside my house!

In my research I discovered a site on someone who got rid of a stink bug infestation in their house. It had directions on how to seal your house against the bugs, and a cool way to kill them inside your home, which got rid of the permanently. I followed that plan and it worked! I suggest that you try it as well.